Collect barcodes that turn into warriors and challenge your friends!

Warrior card

Use your phone’s camera to scan the barcodes from within the game.

Discover the inner warrior spirit of everyday things around you. Every supermarket aisle and cupboard turn into a bootcamp full of soldiers to recruit. Is your adult movie collection really as harmful as they say?

Scan any barcodes, including QR codes. Ever wondered if your TV would kick your toaster’s ass? You never know where your next super-warrior might hide!

Find warriors and equipment. Barcodes can turn into warriors, weapons, armor or special items. Scan them all!

Scan warcodes from exotic countries to get exotic warriors. Try scanning a Japanese-registered product barcode for chances of unlocking the mighty Samurai.

Challenge your friends using Game Center to find out who has collected the most powerful warcodes. Does your friend say his Hi-Fi stereo system is better than yours? Well there is only one way to find out.

Play the single player campaign on your iPhone. For honing your skills before marching into battle with your sworn enemies, or just enjoying the game even if you don’t have any friends.

Quick awesome gameplay. The addictive battles are won in just a few minutes, then it’s time to challenge your next victim. Or perhaps time to go recruit some new warriors.

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